Healing Horse Stables is blessed to have several amazing horses to work with our clients. Whether being groomed, rode, or just loved on, each one connects in a special way to the rider. If you would like to sponsor part of the upkeep of one of our horses or would like to become a financial supporter of the Healing Horse Stables family, your donations are appreciated! Donate now or click here for more donation options!


Dakota is the star therapy horse of Healing Horse Stables. He’s a 30 year old Morgan gelding, dark bay in winter and a lighter color when his coat gets lightened in the summer sun. With beginning riders, Dakota is so sensitive to the rider’s balance and needs that he’ll move to stay solid underneath them. He is calm and smart, knows his voice commands and radiates warmth to all–people and horses alike. In the winter, his coat is very thick and fuzzy, and he looks even more like what we always call him: a teddy horse. Yes, he is that cuddly


Buster is an American Quarter Horse in his late teens. He’s a curious gelding who does very well with grooming and on lead. He does best with intermediate riders when he’s not on lead, because he likes to be spunky and have fun! He’s also the top horse in his herd, so he gets his food first, but he’s good friends with his pasture-mates.


Gwynna is a gorgeous 7 year old palomino Morgan mare. She’s young and full of spirit–curious, sweet, and does want to please–on her own terms. She is a forward ride and loves to jump but slows down for the more beginner riders. She had a foal October 4, 2015 and now has been a reliable mount.


Gabriel was born October 4, 2015. He is a playful, adorable little boy, and it’s hard to get any work done because he’s so much fun to watch! He is brave and spook proof. As a yearling he has proven a promising future in our program in his later years. Upon his return from baby vacation he will be used for ground work lessons until his big boy training starts in mounting.


Oreo is our riding instructors paint pony. He is an 11year old Black and White Tobiano Painted Haflinger X Appendix Quarter horse mix. He is a great lesson pony who will take care of the itty bitties as well as speed up for the eager students who want to jump. He is loaned to the program during our instructor’s attendance as a Pre-Vet student at the university. He is a great option for any child as he is well versed in western pleasure, English pressure, Hunter/ Jumpers and Parelli Natural Horsemanship.


Lily is a Buckskin 9 year old American Quarter Horse mare who is free leased to the program. She is very sweet and a smart learner. She is a great option for ground work and grooming lessons. She is a very nice moving ride but has a more forward pace. She is a fun ride for those students looking for a little more get up and go. At the moment she is learning how to jump as well as learning neck reining for western pleasure.


Annie is a Red Dun 10 year old American Quarter Horse mare who is free leased to the program. She is a very sweet girl but can be nervous when working with new people. She has been having chiropractic work down to help her relax. She is in training preparing her for our spring and summer programs. She is best suited with a calm intermediate rider.


Manue is a 10 year old Palomino Morgan gelding. He is the father of Gabriel and lifelong pasture mate to Gwynna. Manue was a stallion for such a long time of his life he still believes he is the boss. He is a training project for private lessons in the future. He has been ridden but is very green for the most experienced of riders. He is a very smart and curious boy and begs for attention from everyone.

We sometimes experience visits from our instructors other horses and ponies, Luna, Happy, and Bonnie. We will be excited to introduce them during Lessons and summer camps in the future!

Our friends who have passed on


Flash was a 28year old Impressive bred American Quarter Horse. Flash has been a tried and true lesson horse during his time here. Flash was diagnosed with an incurable squamous small cell carcinoma last year. He lived out his days being loved on and fed treats and continued to teach little ones how to ride. The cancer took over his body early January 2017 leaving the farm with the hard decision for quality of life. He will always be remembered as the sweet boy that he was.

Version 2Knight

Knight was a Friesian, a sweet gentleman who was slowly putting on much-needed weight. He was patient and careful on lead and with beginner riders. Sometimes on trail rides he decided he had gone far enough away from the barn and as soon as you would agree with him, he would head calmly and happily back to be with his horse friends.