Side walking, horse leading, and grooming during sessions helps others achieve their goals. For each rider, we try to have three volunteers: one to lead the horse, and two to walk alongside the rider in order to provide stability or just to serve as “spotters.” Larger classes have four riders riding at one time, so for those, we’d like to have twelve volunteers. Volunteers also help “tack up” the horses (put saddles and reins on), groom, help get riders situated in riding helmets, and assist riders to mount and dismount the horse.

We are always loving for dedicated volunteers to help feed and care for the horses, including grooming, hoof-picking, mucking out stalls, cleaning and maintaining tack, and helping with barn and pasture maintenance.

Experienced horse-people and riders who wish to work with and help exercise horses are welcome!

And if you’re willing to help with the administrative aspects of Healing Horse Stables, we could use help with the following: researching and applying for grants; accounting; legal advice; coordinating volunteers; copying necessary paperwork for clients, getting signatures, and filing paperwork. Eventually we’d like to have a paid administrative position.

Please contact us and let us know what sort of volunteer work you might be interested in. And thanks!