Healing Horse Stables is offering Sunday fun days for the whole family!

Healing Horse Stables would like to offer your family a day to come have some fun with the horses! We will have several activities for the kids and parents and sit back and relax for a while! Kids will learn the basics of horseback riding and caring for their horses throughout the day.

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  • 40$ for the entire day (Includes riding lesson(hour ride), grooming session, horsemanship 101)
  • 25$ for mini-lesson(25min) , grooming session (younger children)
  • 10$ for pony rides (estimate 10min ride)


  • 3 hour time span for a family day event

Please email for info in regards to scheduling!

  • larissabokan@yahoo.com
  • healinghorsestables@gmail.com

*minimum of 3-4 partipants for 3 hour event*


36450725_1955015697892359_6847909467493761024_nChildren must bring water bottles, and dress farm appropriate each day.

There is water on site to refill water bottles, please put your child’s name on any personal items such as water bottles or lunch bags.

We discourage children bringing electronic devices such as tablets, ipads, and cell phones. These devices are not allowed inside the arena and there are not lockers or other areas where these items can be secured. There will be plenty of adults available to contact parents or guardians if needed. Healing Horse Stables and volunteers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We are very excited to offer this opportunity, so if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask while at HHS or drop us an email at larissabokan@yahoo.com.


Some things participants will learn:

  • Horsemanship- Leading Haltering Tying Grooming36383540_1955016261225636_7129032802346991616_n
  • Tack- western vs English
    • Bridle, saddle, lunge line, parelli
  • Horse Color
  • Horse Breeds
  • Horse Parts
  • Horse Gaits
  • Horse Disciplines
  • Pony vs Horse Height and weight
  • Basics riding skills