Healing Horse Stables needs your help to continue offering support and healing to our clients, both riders and those who work with the horses on the ground. We are privileged to serve people with Down’s Syndrome, people on the autism spectrum, people who are recovering from trauma, and people who are differently-abled in a variety of ways.

Your tax-deductible donations will help pay for

–feed, hay, veterinary care, and farrier services for our therapy horses;

–electricity, equipment, and maintenance for the barn and pastures;

–tack (saddles & bridles), riding helmets and assistive devices for our clients;

–fair pay for our instructors and administrative staff;

–and keep costs down for our clients and their families.

If you have old equipment or supplies you are looking to donate please feel free to email us about setting up a time to meet!

Things we could use more of

–Stall picks

–Extra reins, halters, bridles

— Helmets, children sized paddock boots

–Fly spray, shampoo, conditioners

–Horse Treats

–HAY we always need more hay to feed:)

If you are looking into our adopt a horse program you may use the button below to send your donation however, we would love an email to let us know who you are wanting to adopt so we can recognize everyone! Or as stated below you can send a check in the mail. 🙂

Donate to Healing Horse Stables here

Click the button above to donate, or, if you’re more comfortable sending a check, contact us for our mailing address.

Thank you!

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