This year we are offering a new way to donate directly to your favorite lesson horse! The horses are asking for a sponsorship or a donation for some of their necessities! We will be recognizing everyone who adopts a horse by creating a wall to appreciate all our helpers! You can send your sponsorship through our donation page or you may email us for more information! But now onto the horses’ wish lists!

Dobby                36362544_1955042014556394_9104914373519867904_n

Hi guys! My name’s Dobby and unlike the elf from Harry Potter I am quite a big guy! With that being said I eat LOTS of food. I also tend to be a little ouchy since I hurt myself as a silly foal a LONG time ago.. But that doesn’t stop me any from having fun and playing with my friends and the kiddos that come out to see me. I really hope someone can help paying for my food and supplements so I can be happy and playful for when those kiddos come see me! To adopt me and my expenses it will be $180 for one month, for 3 months is $540, and for 6 months is $1080. I would really love some help this year so I can keep up with these silly kids!

Buster                19601151_1573880179339248_3401735155984837422_n (2)

Hello everyone, My name is Buster and I am one of the most worked guys in this place. My owners have noticed that I could use some extra help with supplements and chiropractic help over the last few years. I feel much older than I am, but I still enjoy a nice ride and I even learned to jump this year. It isn’t my favorite but the kids think it’s pretty cool, so I accept it. I have been here quite a while and sure do appreciate my owners help with feed but I’d like some help for them. They have done a lot of extra stuff for me when I have been injured or just needed a boost. Soon I will need some dental work and that’s going to be at least $100-200. My average expenses for food, supplements, and farrier care is about $180 a month, $540 for 3 months, and $1080 for 6 months. I would sure appreciate an adoption to help my owners this year.

Blackberry         48056415_2195852287142031_3064509571432185856_n

Hi guys! My name is Blackberry and I am kind of shy.. This is hard for me to ask for help as I feel like I have everything I need. I am quite a happy guy here at the farm but I have lots of fears like monsters and tarps, and as embarrassing as it is even my own shadow sometimes.. I really like some of the volunteers here who try to help me through these fears. There is a thing called mindfulness they are trying to teach me so I can face my fears. I am slowly becoming more confident so that’s why I am writing. This year I would really like someone to adopt me. I would love to know I have my own person or family out there who cares about me as much as I care about the people I know. I am an easier keeper and a month of my care costs $160, 3 months cost $480, and 6 months cost $960. I would really appreciate someone to call my own.

Gwynna            13327629_1179336865460250_206892672529086664_n-copy.jpg

Well hello there. I am Gwynna and I am the best. Don’t let those silly boys fool you. I run the show here and am definitely the prettiest. I am known as a Diva and I kinda like it.. But anyway I am very happy here but could use your help. I am looking for a sponsor this year or as we think of it an adoption. Even though I am a diva I am a very easy keeper. A month of my expenses are $115, $345 for 3 months, or $690 for 6 months. Yes, I am sassy but I do love my children friends and have a very big heart. I sure would appreciate some help this holiday season!

Manue              29694609_1855099861217277_1329815396955980147_n

Hi everyone! My name is Manue and I am living the dream here! I get to live with my girlfriend and have playtime with some very special people. I am totally the boss here and like to oversee everyone else working hard. Its a very stressful life supervising everyone else. My owners are the best and let me enjoy my life here, but I do like to eat like everyone else. Even though I am the boss I sure would like an adoption this year and some help with my expenses. I am the easiest of keepers and my expenses are $100 for a month, $300  for 3 months, and $600 for 6 months. As boss I would sure appreciate some help around here!

Oreo                 20160911_160756

Hi guys! My name is Oreo and both me and my human mom work here. She is an instructor and I love to help her teach these kids here. My favorite is when she rides me and we get to jump! Even though she works very hard I have several other brothers and sisters she cares for too. She and the owners here would love some help with my expenses. I don’t eat that much but my expenses are about $90 a month, $270 for 3 months and $540 for 6 months. I know everyone here sure would love some help this holiday season if you were interested in adopting one of us!


Hey guys, My name is Toby and I have been at the farm about a year now! I am a favorite to a certain few riders as I well I’m a bit stubborn. You know I really like things to be MY way. I enjoy jumping and going fast. It takes a special someone to convince me that slow is an acceptable speed. That special someone also is supplied with lots of cookies for you know persuasion.. I am an easier keeper and a month of my care costs $160, 3 months cost $480, and 6 months cost $960. I do hope that someone sees through my spunk and wants to adopt me for the holidays this year.

Other ways to help

Some other things people could do if they cannot adopt is to help out with treats, grain, and hay donations for the farm. Some of the feeds they use are Purina Senior Active Horse,  Purina 12% Impact Textured, Alfalfa Cubes, and Lots of Small Square Grass Hay or Mixed Grass. If there is anything you can help with you can go to our Donation page to sent your support.